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Your Aion Kinah 100% handmade, fast and efficient.

Full stock on most servers. All our kinahs are farmed by hand by our players. So you don’t need to worry about the security. Make the order now and get your Aion Kinah immediately.

Delivery :

The default delivery method is mailing. Because the delivery can be completed even you are AFK or not connected . It will speed up the delivery and save your unnecessary troubles. But if you prefer trading face to face. Please don’t hesitate to contact with our online service .

Service :

Our 24/7 online service is always ready to answer your questions . Please detail your problem in your email with your order number , we will reply you as soon as possible. But if you need instant response . please add our skype or click the livechat which is on the right side of the homepage.

Order :

80% of our Aion Kinah orders can be completed within 1 hour. but sometimes if the market is tight on your realm. The max waiting time is 24 hours.


In case you wish to cancel your order due to an error or for any other reasons, Please just send us your order number by e-mail. GoodsGarden will send the refund within 12 hours.

Antriksha EURO - Asmodians Antriksha EURO - Elyos
Barus EURO - Asmodians Barus EURO - Elyos
Deyla EURO - Asmodians Deyla EURO - Elyos
Hellion EURO - Asmodians Hellion EURO - Elyos Hyperion EURO - Asmodians Hyperion EURO - Elyos
Loki EURO - Asmodians Loki EURO - Elyos
Padmarashka EURO - Asmodians Padmarashka EURO - Elyos
Thor - Elyos Thor - Asmodians
Urtem - Asmodians Urtem - Elyos
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